About Us

Our Purpose

Fruitful Network exists to help people in the most extreme situations of human existence. Because people are worthy of love, we love people, and we want to help in the best possible way. Whatever we do for ourselves will pass away, but whatever we do for other people will live on and on.

Helping Communities Flourish

Our History

Nearly 30 years ago our founding members traveled the world and saw both great pain and great potential. They knew at some point they wanted to take action.

Over the years they experienced:

  • The hot winds and hot hearts of North Africa
  • The amazing technology of the Great Wall
  • The tears and painful losses of displaced Iraqis
  • The sights, sounds, and smells of the Ganges River
  • The frustration and confusion of Kosovar refugees
  • The sadness of water-well drillers in Sudan who missed again
  • The post-earthquake hospitality of Gujarati Indian villagers
  • The need for depth behind the shy Thai smile
  • The thrill of Nepali tribal groups learning the value of life


They have continued to read, travel, and learn. In their journeys, they observed mistakes and successes by others, and they made plenty of their own.

The founders have recruited others who want to live fruitful lives and they expect and hope that their short-term efforts will produce long-term benefits.