Squeezing a tree does not make it produce more fruit! It takes a seed, the sun, earth, water, and time. No one knows exactly why a plant grows up and the roots grow down. It takes a plant’s own magnificently complex DNA to direct its path. No one can rush a bountiful crop. It takes good starting materials, good conditions, patience, and trust. 

We at Fruitful Network want to HELP COMMUNITIES FLOURISH. Flourishing means different things in different situations. So many areas of the world need a hand-up (not a hand-out), and so we seek to use our time, energy, and focus to produce lasting change in various communities around the world. The attitudes and actions of Fruitful Network are guided by our core values. 


Core Values

Best Practices

Many people have gone before us and paved the way. Some have made mistakes, and some have done a great job. As we learn from them all, we seek to promote the best ideas, the best motives, and the best actions to produce the best outcomes.

Humility and Teachability

We all have something to contribute. Whatever we do is only a part, perhaps it’s a large part, or perhaps it’s a small part. But doing our portion to help people reflects our humble attitude and teachable posture. Proud and unteachable people are dangerous and doomed to repeat the mistakes of many cultures.

Local Partners

Because most of us do not live inside of areas of great poverty or illiteracy, we search out trustworthy partners who know the local situation. These people of the highest integrity are models of high character in their personal relationships and their transparent finances.

Donor-Advised Giving

We seek to fulfill the wishes of our corporate donors. Some prefer to build schools in needy areas. Others desire to address medical/health issues. Still, others want to bring tangible assistance to urgent natural disasters and outbreaks. Our job is to match donor wishes to the regions and projects that meet their qualifications.

Social Uplift

All of our projects help people rise up from their situation. We believe that “a rising tide lifts all boats,” and as we help in areas of education, healthcare, literacy, counseling, or business the whole society will be benefited.